In the event of a major storm, the danger can be significantly reduced by early action of boat owners. The recommendations that follow are for boats in Coffs Harbour International Marina. 

In the event of a storm, personal safety is of prime importance at all times. Flying debris may be lethal. Persons electing to stay aboard vessels in marina berths must realize that conditions may preclude them from returning to land. In the event of the centre of the storm passing close by, a major wind shift can also be expected.

House Keeping 

Double up mooring lines by running duplicate ropes to alternative bollards. Do not run duplicates to the same bollards – bollard failure should not release the craft from a safe mooring arrangement. The    alternative ropes should be run slightly slack to ensure that they are only required to work in the event of the chafing through of the primary rope.

Position the vessel in the berth so that if the duplicate ropes are required to secure the vessel, the slack will still be sufficient for the boat to move to the main walkway and possibly sustain damage.

Check all boat cleats; generally ropes are stronger than these. If there is any doubt, rope to main structural members such as the mast.

REDUCE ALL WIND LOADING TO A MINIMUM. Remove all deck gear including life buoys etc and store below.

Remove all furled sails and covers. If this is not possible, double wrap or tie these components in such a way that wind cannot tease away any ends  and allow flapping of gear to commence. Chafing will damage the securing lines and the increase in windage will greatly increase mooring line loads on the marina structure itself.

Stow all loose gear below decks and ready for sea. Deflate and stow inflatable dinghies.

Disconnect shore power leads and water hoses.

Ensure all self draining openings are clear and will remain so. Dinghies in davits should be cleaned out, bungs removed, or preferably launched and tied fore and aft alongside the pontoons.

Ready spare fenders and lines.

Check that all bilge pumps are operational.

Communication should be checked on VHF CH 16. This is the only channel monitored by the marina office, and we will use this channel to communicate with Marina tenants.

If conditions deteriorate to the extent that you have to remain aboard your vessel in the marina, it is mandatory that you advise the marina office of your presence aboard.

Marina management may determine the time when our personnel and tenants will be prevented from entering the Marina, for everyone’s safety. Please ensure that you abide by any such direction.

Vessels in air pens are required to relocate to a berth and lower the pens into the water.

     Marina staff, will at all times do what they can to assist, but it is your     responsibility to ensure your vessel and equipment is as secure as




If it is determined by all agencies (ie marina staff, water police, and marine rescue) that an evacuation is required, you will be alerted by one long blast of an air horn. If egress from the Marina is impaired, the evacuation points are the T heads of each arm and the wharf outside the Marina office. The Marina mustering point is the small park west of the public toilets.

If you require assistance with any of the above points, please contact the marina office, or observe the map on every security gate.




Ring 000, notify fire brigade and give an accurate description of your location

Notify Marina Management-6651 4222-available 24/7

Assess as accurately as possible the number of people on Marina, do a head count. Marina office has all tenant mobiles

Alert staff if anyone believed missing

Turn off power, gas bottles and fuel

Close all windows, doors, hatches and vents on vessel

Fight fire if it is small and you are not in danger-DO NOT TAKE RISKS

Direct the fire brigade-have someone waiting for them when they arrive

Keep boardwalk, arms and all exit routes clear and unencumbered. The Marina mustering point is the small car park to the west of the public toilets

Keep public away and excess staff are to stand clear